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a number services in the area. and iowa's senators ask for answers on why cedar rapids still hasn't received federal funding for permanent flood protection. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . these cards are intended to help the homeless find food and shelter, among other services in the cedar rapids area. between the company, adcraft printing, and the police who are handing them out. and police say the partnership is paying off. kcrg t-v nine's samantha myers joins us with this story. samantha, these cards have been going fast? adcraft tells me it printed 10,000 cards, and the officers and organizations ran out within the first two months. so it printed 10,000 more. adcraft printing owner shawn
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was a no-brainer. 16:41:18;03 "it's a fantastic idea" he says it doesn't cost his company too much, and it's a way to help people in the community. 16:41:18;03 ""i think there's a lot of people that fall through the cracks just because they don't know what resources are out there. cedar rapids does a pretty good job of offering help to the homeless and those in need, but if you're not connected to social media or listen to the news or read the paper how do you know it's out there." " each card has information about homeless shelters, free it includes addresses, phone numbers and hours. cedar rapids police officers are carrying these cards around with them, and handing them out to people who may need them. 07:02:44;07 ""if we find someone that's in need whether they're panhandling or they tell us they're homeless we will hand out the cards. it's a very comprehensive list of different things that they can use and would be of good use to them." " but not everyone who gets the cards, actually uses
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people appreciate the assistance card, and the other half have said no they don't want them nor do they need them." dawn brouwers is the director of one of the medical clinics listed on the cards. she says it's much better to provide resources to the homeless, than money. 16:33:42;13 "oftentimes money can be used and it will go away and if someone's homeless, it's taking them a while to get there so it's going to take a while to get out, and 10 dollars, 100 dollars, isn't going to make a difference, it's going to be an agency walking alongside somebody for a period of time to card that could help provide support to those in need in a big way. brouwers says it's too soon to tell how many people are taking advantage of the cards, but says those cards will likely be even more helpful as it gets colder. bruce and beth? thanks, samantha. turning now to weather and meteorologis t joe winters. joe, when is it
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after a mild and sunny day a cool change is heading in our direction. a cold front is approaching from the west. this front brings some light rain ahead of it and cooler northwest winds behind. as the sky clears tomorrow night, patchy frost is likely. take care of the tender vegetation by covering it. a sunny to partly cloudy sky is expected to round out the work week with seasonably cool weather. have a great night! tonight: mostly cloudy. wind: s 5-1 mainly through early afternoon. falling temperatures. wind: nw 10-20. high: 60 the iowa state patrol is
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state fair. the search is for craig hunt, also known as c- note, on an arrest warrant for attempted murder. the patrol believes he's in the des moines area right now. and it considers him to be armed and dangerous. the state patrol says hunt stabbed another man fairgrounds on august 21st. since then the victim has recovered. after interviewing witnesses, the patrol identified hunt as the suspect in the stabbing. authorities are also investigating him for several shootings in the area. first responders air-lifted a wadena man to the hospital after a motorcycle crash early this morning. the fayette county sheriff's office says larry seurer has life- threatening injuries from the crash that happened on cedar and fillmore roads. the
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the motorcycle and went into a ditch. whenever you see news, call newsline nine after alerting authorities. here's the number-- 319- 365-9999. you can also email pictures and video to newsroom at kcrg dot com. a state audit says a former jail administrator in cedar county didn't properly deposit money the county collected from fees, and that cost the county more than 35- thousand dollars. jail administrator from 2013 until he resigned late last year. the audit found he didn't properly deposit money from inmate room and board and work release fees during that time span. but the audit doesn't say what happened to the money. wilkinson does not face any charges. marking a milestone. cedar rapids has taken the next step in building permanent flood protection. today, the city broke ground on
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from most flooding. that levee will stretch from south of the sinclair site to the african- american museum. it will eliminate the need for many of the hesco barriers that helped protect the area from the flood two weeks ago. cedar rapids mayor ron corbett says this project is just the beginning of what's to come. " it's a great starting point, it's the lowest area of town and when we finish this, we'll move over and protect czech village " the city says the levee will hold back water of a river level of up to 20 feet. it year. but the city is still short millions of dollars to complete the full flood protection plan. iowa's senators want to know why cedar rapids isn't getting the same treatment as other cities when it comes to federal funding for permanent flood protection. today, senators chuck grassley and joni ernst sent a letter to the army corps of engineers, asking why the city
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uses is flawed because it doesn't give enough consideration to public safety. the senators also argued the city spent about six million dollars for only temporary flood protection last month. and that could add up in the long run. congress has approved funding for the cedar rapids flood protection plan, but the corps of engineers has never included that funding in its budget requests. cedar rapids is reminding people to have sandbags ready for pickup by 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. the city says workers will start picking them up on the and make their way south. and they'll only make one pass. people should put sandbags in the public right-of-way along the front curb, on the street on lightly-traveled streets, or on any portion of a driveway. the city says it will take about three weeks to pickup the sandbags at a cost of nearly half a million dollars. someday driver-less vehicles could be moving on i-380 between cedar rapids and iowa city. it's part of a pilot project from the iowa d-o-t to see if it can make transportatio n more
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and republican donald trump unleashes another round of attacks against hillary clinton and her emails. first here's a look at the most viewed stories today on kcrg dot-com. stay with your
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coming to eastern iowa. the iowa d-o-t says someday it could test driver-less cars
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but first, it's partnering with a company to create real-time maps of road conditions that would help those cars navigate the interstate. that company is called here, and it will use its technology to create maps like these. the d-o-t says companies could then use those maps in driver-less cars. and that could help make the transportatio n of goods more safer. but as kcrg-tv9's phil reed reports, not all are on board with the plan. michael miller is a truck driver, who makes deliveries across the country. he hopes to never see any driverless freights next to him - on i- 380, or any other roads. "they're always on us about what we gotta do to be safe, and not be safe but i they put something out here that's going to drive itself who is going to have to be in control of that, a computer? a computer messes up more than humans do " but officials
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computerized vehicles, and freights will have hd maps in them that will constantly update road conditions, and they will always know what's ahead. more than 94 percent of crashes are tied into some type of driver error and driver choice, so with these technologies we also know the potential to reduce crashes are more than 80 " "the driverless cars will be driving on 380 from iowa city to cedar rapids. d-o-t officials say they picked this area because of the high volume of freight traffic " sot "we future of transportation in iowa and we think it's closer than most folks think " but miller fears that future could not only make roads more dangerous. but cut into jobs in the trucking industry. "this is all i know how to do. you take this away from me, what else am i gonna do, go work at mcdonalds? i don't know how to cut my hair, i got too many tattoos for that kind of stuff. " in linn county phil reed kcrg tv- news president obama and former vice president al gore were both campaigning for
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they reminded people to consider clinton's record in office when voting next month. after a mild and sunny day a
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approaching from the
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light rain ahead of it and cooler northwest winds behind. as the sky clears tomorrow night, patchy frost is likely. take care of the tender vegetation by covering it. a sunny to partly cloudy sky is expected to round out the work week with seasonably cool weather. have a great night! tonight: mostly cloudy. wind: s 5-10. low: 60 afternoon. falling temperatures. wind: nw 10-20. high: 60 tom. night: mostly clear. patchy frost possible late. wind: nw 5-10. low: 35 thursday: mostly sunny. high: 58 low: 35 friday: partly cloudy. high: 66 low: 41 saturday: chance of showers and storms late. high: 74 low: 52 sunday: partly cloudy. high: 71 low: 55 monday: chance of showers. high: 74 low: 54 tuesday: partly cloudy. high: 70 low: 50 wednesday:
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thanks joe. the red cross is taking
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the annual hy-vee heroes judges will choose 1 hero from each state, and they will be honored at the game next month. you can nominate someone on the red cross's website from now until october 24th. we'll be back. stay with us. republican donald trump is
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from some members of the republican party. today, trump continued his attacks on both at campaign stops... and on twitter. a-b-c's kenneth moton reports. defiant in florida...donal d trump says the shackles have been taken off. sot - donald trump / presidential nominee"we need to investigate hillary clinton." in a trum sights on the most powerful republican in washington, house speaker paul ryan who said he wouldn't campaign for the gop nominee after his 2005 lewd comments about women came to light. trump called ryan a "weak and ineffective" leader. sot - donald trump / presidential nominee"i wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with a lot of these people that i can tell you, including ryan...especial ly ryan." clinton who is leading trump nationally by 9 points in the latest poll, took him on in battleground florida... sot - hillary clinton / presidential nominee"i'm running against a guy
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it's a hoax created by the chinese." clinton campaigned with former vp and 2000 democratic nominee al gore in miami who knows better than anyone...every vote especially in florida...counts. sot - al gore / former vice president "if you think your vote does not matter, take it from me, your vote can make all of the difference in this election." meanwhile clinton's presidential pinch hitter president obama was on the ground in north carolina. sot - president obama "as a first lady, as a senator, as my secretary of state... she knows what it means. she knows what it takes." kenneth moton oncamc responded to trump's tweetstorm saying ryan is focusing the next month on defeating democrats, and all republicans running for office should probably do the same. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. iowa congressman steve king is making it clear he's sticking with donald trump despite the republican nominee's comments about women. ""i don't say either that apology absolves
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first signs of humility that donald trump has shown throughout his entire campaign. if we're going to move a conservative republican platform agenda, the best way to do that is with a president trump. so, i'm sticking with him, and i think that's the best place for conservatives to be. " trump apologized for his lewd and sexually aggressive comments on a 2005 recording, something he simply described as locker room talk. despite that dozens of republican have rescinded their steve king says he's not withdrawing his support. coming up next in sports the cedar rapids titans pick a former hawkeye standout to be their new head coach. and a division title was up for grabs tonight on the volleyball court at linn-mar. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. the mvc mississippi division
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tonight at linn-mar high school. the lions hosted dubuque wahlert on kcrg 9.2 and wahlert got off to a quick start jumping out to a 4-2 lead on the mckenzie may kill. may one of the top players in the country will play at ucla. but the rest was all linn- mar ellie anderson with the set to anna gorsich who hammers it home to give the lions 25-12 win in set one.. more of the same in the second set megan renner with the
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what a way to end it on match point the double block for the 25-21 win and linn-mar sweeps wahlert 3-0 to win their first mvc divisional championship in school history. --another big mvc match- up...this one between xavier and ing set it's reigning tv9 athlete of the week charlotte richards with a monster kill to get the scoring started for xavier.... --the first set went right down to the wire....lexi noonan with the block...saints take the open --cougars come out strong in the second set as paige franck serves up the ace to give kennedy a 4 point lead... --later, it's madi palmer setting it up to gaby meyer for the kill...cougars up 15-8... --then it's kayla joyner with the block as kennedy beats xavier 3-1. to football and iowa won the battle of the trenches saturday against the gophers.. scott westerberg has more from iowa city. the big story on offense after saturday's win was the shuffling of the
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day on the ground and c.j. beathard was sacked just once. "we needed to get that stuff figured out. i don't think we have it figured out yet, but i think last week was a big stepping stone and now this week we're going to have to take another step forward and do even better."there weren't any big personnel changes on the defensive side of the ball, but that unit turned in one of its best games with a complete team effort instead of a few individuals standing out. "every week we have a defensive player of the m whole defense just because everybody was doing a good job. no one really stuck out individually. it was a collective effort. if you play that way it's a really good thing."the defense also credits a change mentally with more guys trying to have fun out there and not over- thinking things. "that was what we really tried to focus on in practice this last week, just having energy and getting back to the reason why you play the game. it's to have fun and enjoy yourself out there with your teammates and we were able to do that and it carried over into the game,
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hawkeyes hope that mentality will continue to carry over to this saturday against purdue. from iowa city, scott westerberg tv9 sports. the cedar rapids titans have a new head coach with a familiar name.. former hawkeye and nfl wide receiver marvin mcnutt came to terms on a two year contract to be the next head coach of the titans. after becoming the hawkeyes all-time leading receiver mcnutt spent time with the eagles,dolphi ns and panthers ending his nfl career in 2014. marvin takes over for mark stoute who left to of the jacksonville sharks in the arena football league. marvin will be one of our guest for on iowa live this monday night at the union station at 6:30. he will join chuck long. pat harty, doc and the marion volleyball team. basketball news iowa senior guard peter jok is one of 10 players selected to the preseason all big 10 team. jok averaged 16 points a game last year and hit 80 three pointers. and finally this was scene at
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that is basketball coach ben jacobson going yard.. but how bout uni football coach mark farley with back to back jacks.. his longest 323 feet. the walk-on from waukon still has some pop. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... after a mil our direction. a cold front is approaching from the west. this front brings some light rain ahead of it and cooler northwest winds behind. as the sky clears tomorrow night, patchy frost is likely. take care of the tender vegetation by covering it. a sunny to partly cloudy sky is expected to round out the work week with seasonably cool weather. have a great night! tonight: mostly cloudy. wind: s 5-10. low: 60 thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. we hope you'll be with us again tomorrow. until then, have a
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's ?jimmy kimmel live!? tonight -- jennifer connelly. espn's stephen a. smith. and music from crx. and now, for the most part, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. hey, i have a -- i have a quick question.


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